kingfishers rules


1 All  the affairs of the club will be managed by a committee which will be subject to annual re-election at the AGM. 

The committee will consist of the following:-   Chairman   -   Vice-Chairman    -    Secretary    -    Treasurer    Match Secretary  -  Assistant Match Secretary.

Plus maximum of  6  General Purpose Committee Members.

2 The AGM will usually be in April after the work parties.Members will be notified of actual date and venue..

3 Membership renewal fees may be paid during the period from first work party or AGM night, whichever is earliest, to 15th May inclusive. If not received during this period your membership will automatically cease after 31st May of  the current year.The membership year will be 1st June to 31st May.

4 A Junior member is anyone under the age of 16 as at the 1st June.

Juniors who will be 16 after the 1st June have 2 options when paying their subs.

(i) They can pay the current Junior subscription and be classified as a Junior for the next 12 months.

(ii) They can pay the full Senior subscription and be classified as a Senior from their 16th birthday.

5 Any member can have his / her membership withdrawn by the committee at any time, if there is proof of misconduct of any kind that may endanger wildlife, safety of others or the reputation of the club and infringement of club or match rules.

6 All Club matches will be fished to North Walsham Kingfishers Angling Club match rules.      

7 Any member witnessing infringement of the rules, or an untoward incident committed by a fellow angler must report it to the committee via the Secretary. Be warned - be aware of rule 5 before you break any rules. 


1 Junior members must be accompanied by a Senior member over 21 whilst at the Club Fishery.

2 Any member of the club can ask another  who is fishing the Club Fishery for proof of membership and a valid licence.  Any angler unable to produce evidence of membership and valid licence should be asked to leave. The committee  must be informed of any non-members fishing the water, and/or members without a current rod licence. Always carry  your membership card and rod licence with you when fishing the Club Fishery.

3 Dogs and other animals are not allowed at the Club Fishery.

4 Cars to be parked only on either of the two car parks and must display current official Kingfishers car sticker. Entry to lake must only be through one of the gates which must be closed behind you. No entry at any other point in the fence.

5 No pleasure fishing from 3 hours before any club match until after the match is over.

( See current fixture list for dates / times )

6 Guests may be taken to the Club Fishery, but are not allowed to fish.

7 Swims must be left clean and tidy by taking all your rubbish home.

8 No fires or barbecues,  no shooting without permission,  no live-baiting allowed at the Club Fishery.

9 No fish to be removed or introduced to the Club Fishery, with-out prior permission from the committee.

10   Paths around the lake must be kept free of obstructions at all times and never blocked by bivvies, guy ropes etc.

11   Barbless hooks only MAXIMUM size 10. ( No Barbed,  Micro-barb or squeezed down barbs allowed ). Also maximum hook  length strength of 8lb. No braid.

12    All nets must be knotless and fish friendly. Fish must not be laid on the bank or stagings unless on an unhooking mat.

13    No fish over 2lb to be retained in keep nets whilst pleasure fishing. In matches at the club lake all sizes of silver fish and carp under 2lb must be kept in a separate net from carp over 2lb. All carp over 2lb must be in a separate net. The maximum weight of  fish in any one net  must not exceed 50lb.                    

14 Boilies up to 15mm may be used as hook bait only. No loose feeding, on stringers, in pva bags or introduced in any other way.

15   No close season, but the Club fishery will be closed annually for work parties from midnight before the first work  party until midday on the last work party.                                                                        

16   The annual work parties will usually be in April before the AGM. 

Every full paying Adult member ( Senior Citizens / Disabled / Juniors/ Lady members are exempt ) will be required to attend a  minimum of one full work party per year. You will be sent a slip each year, which must be returned, asking which  work party  you will be attending. Members who feel they have genuine exemption reasons must put these in WRITING to the  Secretary at the earliest date. These members may be required to do work on the lake at other times during the season.

A full work party will be of 3 hrs duration (9.00am - Noon) Please arrive by 8.30am for jobs to be allocated.


17   A maximum of TWO rods / poles may be used at the same time.

18   No pre-baiting of swims.


20   All members must carry a recognised fish antiseptic and apply it to the mouths of any fish caught.

21   Any Committee Member who has been excluded from the Committee during his/her time of appointment shall not be eligible for re-election for the following 5 years.

22  No stalking, i.e. Members who are staged at one swim are not allowed to actively fish between or at another swim.




1.   Draw to take place 1 hour before match start time. ( 45 minutes before evening  matches.)

2.   All competitors ( some juniors may be exempt ) MUST BE IN POSSESSION OF A CURRENT LICENCE. This must be shown  at the draw if requested. Failure to do so will mean the competitor in question  will not be allowed to fish any Kingfishers match until he/she produces a current licence to the Match  Secretary.

3.   All pools, including the Snowball ( if operating ) must be paid before making your draw.

4.   Juniors will be allowed to draw first and the Senior Member responsible for them on the day will be allocated either  (a) one peg  number higher if feasible, or (b) one peg number lower. Any member drawing a number already allocated will have to draw again.

5.   A whistle will be blown by the Match Secretary to start and finish the match.

6.   Before the starting signal no competitor may on any account ground bait or loose feed their swim in any way, but will be allowed to plumb the depth and test the float, provided the hook is not baited. You may wet and mix ground bait, clear your peg of weeds or other obstructions. Keep nets should be left out of the water until the Match Secretary gives the signal to put them in. On no account  may a feeder be used to plumb the depth. Raking the swim is allowed before the starting whistle but not once the match has started.

7.   If a swim is considered unfishable by the person drawing it, the Match secretary will decide whether a re-draw is allowed. If so, the re-draw will only be allowed after all the other competitors have drawn and an alternative peg is available. 

8.   A competitor may only use one rod/pole at a time, but may have other rods/poles assembled for use. 

      On the tackle in use the competitor must not have more than one single hook which must be barbless.  ( no barbed, micro barbed or squeezed down barbs allowed ).

      No double or treble hooks of any kind are permitted other than in pike matches.

9.   Any bait, subject to fishery rules, can be used except live or dead fish, frogs, spinning baits or artificial lures. Artificial lures include any artificial baits e.g. plastic corn, plastic bread and similar materials.

      ( Pike matches will allow dead fish, spinning baits and artificial lures ).

10.  A competitors swim will be defined as follows,

       (I) Still water:-         You may fish/ feed as far as half the distance between your peg and the angler on either side. Where  competitors  are drawn on opposite banks the limit of the swim is the line midway between each bank.

       (ii)Flowing Water:-   You may fish/feed in the direction of the flow as far as the next angler.

11.  All competitors must play/land their own fish from their own peg. In case of difficulty Juniors may have assistance from the Senior  Member who is responsible for them on the day.

12.  When the final whistle is blown competitors must stop fishing immediately. Fish that are hooked after time will not be eligible for the weigh in and must not be placed in your keep net. However, 10 minutes will be allowed to play and land a fish that was hooked and is being played before the final whistle. A competitor playing a fish when the whistle is blown to end the match must call out clearly “fish on” so others are aware of the situation. The Match Secretary will then blow the whistle again after the 10  minutes allowed have passed. Any fish landed  after this whistle will not count in the match so must not be retained in your keep net.

13.  At the end of the match the Match Secretary or his deputy will visit your peg to weigh and record your catch. However if any litter is found in your peg when he arrives you will not be weighed in.

       Fishery keep net rules must be obeyed. If there is no rule then there should be no more than 50lbs in any net. More than 65lbs may lead to disqualification. Once three nets contain  50lbs then competitors may alternate their nets.

14.  Any disputes arising before or during a match will be sorted out by committee members present, whose decision about the dispute will be final.

15.  If pegs are available, non members may be invited to fish official club matches (except at the club lake) up to a maximum of four  times in a season. Once this limit is reached they must apply for membership or not fish as a guest again until the following season.   Club members will have priority if pegs are limited.


       Revised 2018