club news

19/03/2018      Work parties this year will be on April 7th, 8th,14th and 15th. The lake will be closed from 7th April until midday 15th April.

19/03/2018      AGM will be at Kings Arms, North Walsham on Thursday 3rd May starting at 7.30pm.

29/01/2018      All Aylsham matches have now been cancelled.

17/11/2017      The sponsored match this year raised £1056.45p. This was achieved by the 8 members who took part. Imagine what could be raised if                            more members got involved. The charity chosen this year was HAMLET. This is a Norwich based charity helping children and young                                adults who suffer from disabilities and complex health issues. 

16/11/2017      The club web site will shortly be moving to

                        They are both available for the time being.

21/10/2017      It is recommended that all members carry and use a fish antiseptic. This should be applied to any sore areas on the carp and other                                  species especially concentrating on their mouth. This will be included in the club rules next season and so will then be compulsory. We                            need to take more care of our fish which is also for your benefit in the long term.

04/05/2017       Club rules forbid the use of floating baits. This applies to loose fed baits as well as hook baits. This is especially a problem with                                        bread. We do not want to encourage the carp to look for food on the surface. It also floats into other swims causing a nuisance to                                    fellow members. Please abide by the club rules. There can be consequences for breaking them. Also do not throw floating bait,                                        especially bread, into the lake when you pack up.

14/04/2017       For those casting a bomb or feeder across the lake towards the aerator please keep well away from it. It will not withstand being hit                                 by a careless cast.

24/02/2017        All platforms now have astroturf but please remember that platforms can still be slippery. Also be careful if you step off the side of                                    the platforms because the banks are soft in places.The banks have been reinforced in places and further work will be required.

24/02/2017         Please note that the astro turf on the stagings is not suitable for laying fish on and the current rule remains that fish must either be                              unhooked in the landing net suspended off the ground or on an unhooking mat.

07/06/2015         The committee have ruled that barbecues are fires and so are banned according to the club rules. The use of a gas ring or light will                              be allowed.

22/05/2015         As announced at the AGM  you can obtain 10% discount on some items of fishing tackle at Harris Angling, Folgate Road, North                                    Walsham,  on production of your current membership card.. Conditions and exclusions apply.



There is now a photo gallery where we can show photos. If you have a catch you think is worth sharing then send the photo to me as an attachment to [email protected] . Please note that photos must be of good quality otherwise they will be blurred when uploaded into the photo gallery.

 If you think you have something that other members would be interested in then e-mail details to me at [email protected] If suitable it will be published here.